Person riding bike in wilderness
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  • America’s Best Bass Fishing Lakes and Ponds

    USA Today – April 7, 2017 – , TX

    According to the American Sportfishing Association, 60 million Americans identify themselves as fishermen, a number that includes license-buying adults age 16 and older, along with youngsters, seniors and others who are license-exempt.
  • A Desert Escape to a Renowned Texas Town

    The Wall Street Journal – April 4, 2017 – , TX

    If you called Marfa “Nowheresville,” you’d be right, to a degree. The town of fewer than 2,000 people in far west Texas has one stoplight, erratic cell service, and shop and restaurant hours that are even spottier. But for every sense in which Marfa falls short, it triumphs in another: cinematic landscapes that stretch unbroken to the horizon; cowboys presiding over art galleries; and sunsets that, at the smog-free altitude of nearly 5,000 feet, were the prettiest I’d ever seen.

  • The Ultimate Uvalde Road Trip, From Floating the Frio to Finding Utopia

    Culture Map - San Antonio – March 9, 2017 – , TX

    Spring in Texas is in full swing — time for a road trip. Here's the ultimate guide to Uvalde County, from exploring Uvalde and camping in Concan to floating the Frio River and finding Utopia. While spring is a great time to visit, you can enjoy these suggestions in the summer and fall too.
  • Austin, Texas: Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to Do, How to Get Around

    Cleveland.com – March 2, 2017 – , TX

    Austin may be the country's 11th largest city, but it doesn't feel too big (except when you're stuck in traffic). Here's what you need to know if you're planning a trip.
  • Photo tour: The best beaches in Texas

    USA Today – March 2, 2017 – , TX

    Texas is known for a lot of things — cowboys, barbecue and football, just to name a few — but its 600 miles of sparkling coastline are often overlooked. That's a shame, because the Gulf Coast has a lot to offer its visitors.
  • A Gourmet Texas Inn Reboots the Cowboy Way

    CNN – January 27, 2017 – , TX

    For generations, city slickers have lived out their Old West fantasies on Texas dude ranches. But the newly updated Inn at Dos Brisas, halfway between Houston and Austin, offers much more than dusty cattle drives and campfire cookouts.
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