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People Magazine, "Chip and Joanna Gaines Pick Their Favorite Places You Need to Visit in Waco, Texas."
January 3, 2017 --
If you’re a Fixer Upper fan, your 2017 resolution might include a trip to Chip and Joanna Gaines’ hometown of Waco, Texas.  Of course their ever-expanding destination Magnolia Market at the Silos, which includes spots to shop, eat and play games on the properties “big green lawn,” has been a huge draw for the small southern town, attracting 15,000 visitors per week, according to a 2015 article in the Waco Tribune. In their most recent Magnolia newsletter, however, HGTV’s first couple prove there are many more destinations that fans should explore on their visit to get the full Waco experience.

USA Today, "Newman's Castle: A Hidden Gem in Rural Texas."
January 1, 2017 -- Seasons come and go in Bellville, Texas , but one gem in the small Texas town is constant.

Newman’s Bakery is a fixture. It’s a place where reading is as comforting as the coffee and pastries. Freshness is provided daily, and owner Mike Newman wouldn’t have it any other way.

Huffington Post, "What I Did When I Finally Got To Visit Austin, Texas."
December 14, 2016 --
I had wanted to visit Austin, Texas for decades.  It started when I was a young man, bitten by the blues bug and worshipping Texas guitar players like the Reverend Willy G (Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top) and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It was high on my list of “music cities” to visit.

Los Angeles Times, "National Park Tips: This May Be the Most Fetching Stretch of River in all Texas"
December 13, 2016 --
Down along the Texas-Mexico border, the Rio Grande slips into a series of deep canyons and dramatic desert landscapes. That's Big Bend National Park, and it's a great place for a mellow raft trip.

Washington Post, "Texas’ Best-Kept Secret? A 120-Mile-Long Canyon That’s Grand in its Own Right."
October 20, 2016 --
Though the 120-mile-long canyon that cleaves the Panhandle’s plains into a bewitchingly rugged land is the nation’s second largest, locals consider it Texas’s best-kept secret. For one, it’s not a national park, and tourists tend to associate canyons with the southwestern geography of Utah and Arizona, not Texas. Only one person (a Texan) I told about my trip had heard of Palo Duro, so I wasn’t surprised to read in the park guest book that someone had written: “Never knew it was here.”

Houston Chronicle, "Two Houston Hotels Rank on Conde Nast Traveler's Reader's Choice Awards for Best Hotels in Texas"
October 20, 2016 --
Conde  Nast Traveler recently unveiled its Top Hotels in Texas Readers' Choice Awards 2016, and two Houston hotels made the cut. Hotel Sorella CityCentre claimed the No. 8 spot, and Hotel Granduca, in the Galleria area, ranked at No. 12. 

Lincoln Journal Star, "Travel: Finding Fredericksburg, deep in the heart of Texas Hill Country"
October 19, 2016 --
Located an hour and a half north of San Antonio, Fredericksburg retains the character of an authentic 1800s-era Texas Hill Country settlement.  Yet, sprinkled throughout area an unending number of surprising discoveries such as the world-class National Museum of the Pacific War, and the "Texas White Houst" and ranch of former President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Dallas Morning News, "Galveston's Beach Breweries Make for Super-Relaxed Island 'Hopping'"
September 29, 2016 -- BOI means Born on the Island to most, but it's all relative. Some craft brew aficionados see a double meaning to the acronym. BOI, to some, also means Brewed on the Island.  With summer tapering off, there might still be some time to slip away to the coast. Some say the beach is even better in the fall with cooler temps and fewer crowds. It's also a good time to go island hopping -- to see what Galveston Island has to offer in the way of hops.

Travel+Leisure, "Great Balls of Barbecue: Food at the Texas State Fair"
August 23, 2016 --
Fair food is serious business in Texas, and expectations run high when it comes to the creativity and taste of concession cuisine.  Although the State Fair of Texas opening day is not until September 30, the countdown has begun with the release of the not-to-miss foods for the 2016 season. The fair has already released the final dishes in the 12th Annual Big Tex Choice Awards.  There were more than 55 entries to choose from this year, and only eight were selected to go up against the panel of judges who will determine ultimate fair food supremacy.  The State Fair of Texas takes place in Dallas every year at the acclaimed Fair Park and lasts longer than any other state fair in the United States. Last year was a record year with over 10 million tickets sold and this year is certain not to disappoint.  Prepare yourself, these are the top eight dishes you will absolutely or not at all want to seek out while at the fair this year.

W Magazine, "The New Marfa: Where to Eat, Stay and Shop Now"
August 18, 2016 -- 
If you’re on any form of social media, it’s likely that you’ve seen this image more than once: a stand-alone Prada store in the middle of a desert, no other building in sight.

It’s in fact a piece of art, commissioned by the nonprofit gallery Ballroom Marfa in 2005, and has since become the beacon signaling the trendy rise of the tiny, remote West Texas town of Marfa. In the past year alone, a disproportionate number of shops, restaurants, and galleries have opened in Marfa — although any new opening would seem disproportionate to a population of 1,819.

Town & Country, "T&C Travel Guide: Austin, Texas"
August 2, 2016
-- As far as trends go, they're going to Austin. That's most palpable along South Congress Avenue, just across the Colorado River from downtown and once a diaspora for Austin's hippie crowd. Today, it's minted with a palette of trendy shops and restaurants scintillating with neon signs. Startups and discerning boutiques run the city, while every emerging craft has chased another. Already known for its live music, Austin now beckons chefs to headline a broader cultural landscapekitchens aren't just for cooking, but for milling heritage grains in-house, or for distilling house-made spirits. A renaissance of high-brow taste is served with Southern charm and Austin's laid back manner.

amNewYork, "Austin, Texas Travel Guide: Breakfast Tacos, Barbecue and More"
August 1, 2016 --
Until recently, Austin, Texas, wasn’t known for estimable eats. The nation’s “live music capital” has long been an easygoing college town, with hippie musicians, artists and typical urban sprawl. But today, the rock stars are chefs who’ve earned acclaim for trendy eats beyond just Southern staples. The booming region attracts more than 150 new residents each day. Here’s how they’re staying happy and full.

USA Today, "Wimberley: Small-town America, Texas-style"
July 29, 2016
-- Non-Texans often think of Texas as flat and dry. But this is a different type of Texas. Hill Country is all rolling hills, cypress trees and lush strips of land. A number of wineries dot the landscape.  “People come here and take a deep breath and slow down,” says Cathy Moreman, executive director of the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce.

USA Today, "It's Massiv: Ready to Ride the World's Tallest Water Coaster?"
July 28, 2016
-- Everything is bigger in Texas. Even its water park rides. At a height of more than 81 feet, Schlitterbahn Galveston Island opened Massiv, the world's tallest water coaster in late June. What, you may ask, are water coasters? As the name suggests, the popular attractions borrow elements of water slides and roller coasters (and take some inspiration from log flumes as well).

The Houstonian, "Reasons to Visit Marfa Other Than Gossip Girl"
July 27, 2016
-- The 1.6-square-mile town of Marfa (population 1,700) is known for trendy, contemporary pieces and artists, who use the wide-open spaces around them for their art, such as the Prada installation. Foundations keep Marfa’s culture rich by hosting open houses where they invite artists from all across the nation to view the collections in Marfa.

Houston Chronicle, "Texas Hotels to Check Out Now"
July 21, 2016
-- Lodging accommodations in Texas tend to reflect their locales. That's a good thing, with our mix of rural and urban settings sprawled out over 268,820 square miles of land.   Though lately, new lodging destinations are trending more sophisticated-chic while retaining their sense of place. Here is a sample of some newer Texas hotels you should check out now.

Paste Magazine, "Texas Swimming Holes"
July 20, 2016
-- In Texas, spending a summer day outside isn’t worth it unless there’s water involved. Texas holds countering cultures, but the state’s swimming holes bring together a community of people looking to enjoy themselves and escape the heat. For much of the state, the remedy exists in sage-colored swimming holes cradled by live oak trees and cookouts.  Not all Texas swimming hole experiences are equal. Some are better for large groups and families, others offer serenity and privacy, and still others suit rambunctious crowds looking to have a little fun while they float. Here are three Southeast Texas swimming adventures that cater to families, intimate excursions and floating parties.

Parents Magazine, "10 Best Water Parks of 2016"

July 2016 -- For First-Timers: At the location overlooking the Comal River in New Braunfels, young kids can explore six spring-fed water areas—such as the Schatze’s Central Park with its castle slide, squirting fire hydrants, and kiddie car wash—plus four chlorinated ones. In all, the park offers 45 slides that kids under 36 inches tall can try, the most of any on our list. The beachfront South Padre Island park features a five-story “sand castle” with ten small slides, water dumping from sand pails, and squirting water features.

The Boston Globe, "Traveling for the Birds"
May 27, 2016
-- “In this state park alone, you can see 300 kinds of butterflies and 326 species of birds,” Ranger John Yochum says into Brown’s microphone. This state park is Estero Llano Grande, in the town of Weslaco, one of many stops along the Texas Birding Trail. And in the wider Rio Grande Valley, which extends 120 miles along the Rio Grande River, “you can see 520 species of birds” — more than half of the total number of birds in all of the United States and Canada. These numbers make South Texas the most productive place for birdwatching in North America.

Forbes, "The 20 Best Cities For Travel This Summer"
May 27, 2016
-- Memorial Day weekend kicks off the official start of summer and the season when Americans pack their bags for vacation. Austin is a music lover’s dream. In addition to the summer music festival Austin City Limits, the city is full of live music events, many of them affordable. Check out the Continental Club, a 1950s-era lounge that hosts some of the best local performers.

USA Today Travel, "America's annual seafood festivals and cook-offs"
May 27, 2016 -- Boiled crabs, fried crabs, grilled crabs and soft shell crabs are the main meals for many at the Texas Crab Festival. All crabs are caught fresh from the local Galveston or East bays.  The three-day Fredericksburg Crawfish Festival features food, drinks, music and entertainment inspired by the Creole region. 

Houston Chronicle, "Galveston Scores Record Tourism Year"
May 10, 2016
-- Galveston has set a record for the number of tourists visiting the island for the fourth consecutive year, rising to 6.4 million in 2015 with help from a surge in cruise passengers, according to a recent study for the Galveston Tourism and Visitors Bureau.

Huffington Post,  "A Foodie’s Guide to Austin, Texas"
May 6, 2016 -- If Austin, Texas were cologne it would smell like brisket, with an undertone of tacos and hoppy beer.I was going to write a “Top Ten Restaurants In Austin” piece, but that would be impossible, seeing as there are hundreds of “top” places to eat in my perfectly weird hometown.This is a tiny splash of Austin eateries that will leave you full, jolly and searching for more.

The New York Times, "36 Hours in Austin, Texas"
March 4, 2016 -- Beyond the SXSW festival, there’s classic barbecue, contemporary art and even a beer garden on a working ranch. The sprawling capital of Texas has welcomed over 100,000 new residents since 2010. Along with all the new Austinites, dozens of new shops, restaurants, bars and hotels have appeared, turning the formerly sleepy city into a thriving metropolis quickly approaching a million inhabitants.

Mercado e Eventos, "Texas Reúne Tradições Americanas e Modernidade; Veja Vídeo e Fotos"
February 5, 2016
-- No final de abril o Texas Tourism levou um grupo de operadores brasileiros para conhecer alguns dos principais atrativos do estado. O objetivo é incluir o destino no roteiro dos brasileiros que visitam os Estados Unidos, especialmente por conta dos voos diretos para o destino – que tem ligação diária entre São Paulo e Dallas.

Conde Nast Traveler, "The Best U.S. Islands for Family Vacations: Readers' Choice Awards 2015"
December 17, 2015
-- Gentle beaches, nature adventures, and activities to wear everyone out: These are the themes across the 20 best U.S. islands for families, as chosen by our readers. Feature includes two top beach destinations in the Lone Star State, Galveston Island and South Padre Island.

USA Today, "Air New Zealand arrives in Houston"
December 16, 2015
--  Air New Zealand’s inaugural flight to Houston arrived Tuesday afternoon at Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport , greeted on arrival by a kapa haka group performing a traditional Maori dance.

The dancing – conducted barefoot on the tarmac – and the arrival of the refurbished Boeing 777-200 aircraft gave Air New Zealand its fifth North American gateway and its first U.S. route expansion in 11 years.

The Source, "Why Dallas Should Be On Your Texas Travel List"
December 15, 2015 -- Outside of the crazed football nation, there are plenty of other things to get excited about if you’re ever in Big D. To start, the city is home to the Dallas Mavericks, who have a future hall-of-famer in power forward Dirk Nowitski.

Today Show, "Pack your bags! The hottest travel destinations for 2016 are…"
December 11, 2015 -- Orbitz.com Senior Editor, Jeanenne Tornatore, discusses the top travel destinations for 2016 including the Lone Star State.  The piece focuses on the San Antonio being one of Forbes new millenial hotspots and mentions Austin.

Knoxville News Sentinel, "Birders Flock to McAllen, Texas, for Rare Sightings"
December 11, 2015
-- If your inner birding Ahab is seeking that rare feathered find, this four-county, 120-mile stretch hugging the Mexican border is the place to hunt.  "There is more variety of birds here than anywhere else," says Steve Moore, an avid birder as he fixes his binoculars on a group of green jays gathered at a feeder.

National Georgraphic Traveler Magazine(blog), "Why Locals Love Fort Worth"
November 24, 2015 -- There’s a deep-rooted sense of home in Fort Worth, even for new visitors. You immediately feel at ease because everyone seems at ease. Billing itself as the city of “Cowboys and Culture,” Texas’s fifth largest town is proud of its Wild West attractions, such as the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, and well-known cultural draws like the acclaimed Kimbell Art Museum and the Fort Worth Opera, one of the oldest opera companies in the U.S.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine, "Featured Destination: San Marcos, the Pearl of Texas"
November 23, 2015
-- San Marcos, Texas has more than 200 percolating springs fed by the Edwards Aquifer. These springs fill the city’s Spring Lake and flow into the San Marcos River, which meanders through the central Texas town. The springs once attracted tourists with an underwater theater featuring swimming pigs and Aqua-Maids, bathing beauties who would dance in the gin-clear water. Those shows are long gone, and today the pristine waters of San Marcos attract visitors more interested in paddling than watching pigs swim. The springs and nearby Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers are ideal for family paddling trips, and folks who want to try kayaking, canoeing and standup paddleboarding have a host of options to choose from.

National Geographic Traveler (Blog), "Finding the Perfect Balance in Texas Hill Country"
November 6, 2015
-- In summer, one of Austin’s most popular activities is watching the world’s largest urban bat colony emerge from under Congress Avenue Bridge each night. But on a fall weekend, my favorite thing to do is gaze at the hundreds of colorful kayaks gliding across Lady Bird Lake. Stand-up (SUP) paddle boarding is also extremely popular here, and it’s not unusual to see a dog riding tandem with its owner.

National Georgraphic Traveler (Blog), "A Perfect Day in Austin, Texas"
November 2, 2015
-- Spend a day in Austin and you may feel as if you’re in the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. For all its relaxed, come-as-you-are hospitality, the capital of Texas is a city of ideas, live entertainment venues, and world-class art. It’s also a place that loves its food.  During my recent visit, I faced tough decisions at every turn: Did I want classic Tex-Mex with extra queso—or pasta at the new Italian hot spot? Was the barbecue at The Salt Lick as good as I remembered, or should I go to Ironworks, Stubb’s, or Franklin’s for my smoky meat fix?  No matter what you choose in Austin, the outcome is bound to be a great time—as the 150 people who move here every day surely can attest.

Chicago Tribune, "10 Ghost Towns to Add to Your Travel Bucket List"
October 12, 2015 -- Terlingua, Texas, was a hotbed for mercury in the early 20th century. The town declined by the 1940s. If you'd like to visit this ghost town, the Big Bend Hotel is the only nearby place to stay.

National Geographic Traveler, "Texas’s German Roots: New Braunfels"
October 9, 2015 -- New Braunfels was founded partway between San Antonio and Austin in 1845 by a German prince looking to start a colony in what was at that time the Republic of Texas. Despite the fact that “New Germany” never came to fruition, New Braunfels persevered and today represents one of the most historic German-American communities in the United States.

Texas Monthly, "Five Ideal Fall Road Trips"
October 1, 2015
-- The places I want to visit, the things I want to do, and the sights I want to see around the state as temperatures finally dip.

Huffington Post, "The Lonestar State Beer Guide: Craft Breweries to Check out in Texas"
September 23, 2015
-- Even if you weren't around to remember the Alamo, you've likely heard the expression, "everything is bigger in Texas!" This proud state wears its rich heritage, thriving arts scene and distinctive local culture like a well-earned badge of honor.  There's no denying the Lonestar State boasts numerous claims to fame; however, what you may not know is that Texas is also home to exceptional craft breweries that are sure to cleanse your palate with liquid gold (in fact, some natives might even tell you their beer is just as valuable as "black gold!").

The Dallas Morning News, "You Won’t Go Hungry in Galveston"
September 12, 2015
-- With such a remarkable recovery from 2008’s Hurricane Ike, Galveston’s appeal only strengthens. Friends who love the island town so much they’ve relocated there generously introduce us to their favorite places to eat and drink. Here’s a look at our top gustatory finds on recent trips to the old Victorian city by the gulf.

Miami Herald, "Travel: Head to Southwest Texas for a Trio of Vacation Spots"
September 10, 2015 --  The landscape is stark and the sun relentless as it hits the vast brown terrain of El Paso, Texas, a desert city framed by mountains.  The effect is spectacular.  At night, with the splash of lights from the city that stretch seamlessly into Mexico, it is even more so.  This is El Paso, named by Spanish explorers in Mexico “El Paso del Norte” because it was “the gateway to the North,” providing a route across the Rio Grande and up between two mountain ranges, an entry point to what would become the American West.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article34828992.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article34828992.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article34828992.html#storylink=cpy

New Zealand Herald, "Five Big Things to do in Texas"
September 2, 2015 -- They say everything is bigger in Texas, so it's little surprise that the annual state fair, held for 24 days in Dallas from the last Friday in September, is America's best and busiest. It started in 1886 and has been graced by acts like Elvis Presley and the 16m tall Big Tex mannequin, who is still here in his denim.

Huffington Post, "Austin, Texas: The Ultimate Quirky Family Travel Destination"
September 1, 2015 -- The "Keep Austin Weird" slogan seen displayed prominently all around town was launched in an effort to promote quirky (some might say weird) local small businesses. It wasn't originally meant as a tourism or marketing slogan, but it has definitely grown into that role, and has played a huge part in keeping Austin the most quirky and original city in all of Texas, even possibly the United States.

USA Today, "New Creole Cuisine Eolves in Houston"
August 18, 2015 -- Austin, Texas restaurants and restaurateurs may get all the ink, but Houston's culinary scene is thriving. Thanks to an influx of diverse homegrown and imported kitchen talent, the largest city in the Lone Star State has multi-ethnic menus that both include and exceed time-honored Tex-Mex torchbearers.

Boston Herald, "Explore Eco Hot Spots in Texas"
August 9, 2015 --
I feel like I’m planting a beach-side garden. The white, pingpong-ball-shaped orbs I’m placing in a hole in the sand aren’t flower bulbs, though. They’re sea turtle eggs, laid just a few hours ago.

Post Bulletin, "Big In The Heart of Texas"
August 8, 2015 -- Rumor has it that everything is bigger in Texas. Within hours of touchdown in San Antonio, our family — including six highly enthusiastic nieces and nephews — were whisking us away to Chunky's Burgers & More.

Yahoo Travel, "Texas Hill Country: The Most Popular Wine Country You Never Knew About"
July 31, 2015 -- 
Did you know that Texas was home to the second most visited wine region in the U.S. and the tenth most visited in the world? Shocker I know, but Texas was actually home to the first vineyard in North America, established by Franciscan monks circa 1662. The climate is perfect for producing traditional wines from Italy, France, and Spain like sangiovese, viognier and tempranillo, and today, Texas Hill Country is home to 46 wineries — with more developing all the time.    

San Antonio Business Journal, "Fiesta Texas earns high marks for being a family favorite theme park"
July 28, 2015 -- Six Flags Fiesta Texas earned a spot as one of the top 10 Best Amusement Parks for Families for 2015, according to TripAdvisor's Family Vacation Critic.

Culture Map Dallas, “Texas favorite wins best burger in America in national contest”
July 27, 2015 -- Whataburger from Texas won the Fast Company contest which compared 32 different restaurant chains from around the country.

Houston Chronicle, "Despite the Heat, Texas' Most Haunted Locations are Full of Bone-Chilling Fun"
July 22, 2015 --
Summer vacations are heating up in Texas, but the state is full of bone-chilling fun.  Haunted locations abound in the Lone Star State, including major sites that aren't necessarily known for their ghosts. The Alamo, which has been described as the Bermuda Triangle of the Southwest, has had reported hauntings of a blonde-haired boy in the gift shop window.

Competitor.com, "Austin, Texas: A Five-Star Running Town"             
July 14, 2015 -- It’s a quirky city known for its robust music scene, college-town liveliness and energetic nightlife, but Austin, Texas, is also a five-star running town, too. And the beauty of Austin, especially in the springtime, is when those alluring elements are easily brought together.

San Antonio Express-News, "Wine Spectator names best wine lists in South Texas restaurants"
July 13, 2015 -- 20 San Antonio area and South Texas restaurants have received Wine Spectator's 2015 Restaurant Wine List Awards, with three receiving the magazine's Best of Award of Excellence designation.

The Daily Telegraph, "Get to the Heart of Texas in San Antonio and Austin"
July 6, 2015 -- In Austin and Central Texas, I’d expected Texas-sized showiness, but the only thing ostentatious about Austin is the dome of the capitol building, which is modelled on the one in Washington DC, but tops it by 6m.

CNN.com, "San Antonio Missions Site Gets World Heritage Status"
July 5, 2015 -- The Lone Star State isn't quite so lonely after earning a spot on an elite list kept by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

San Antonio Magazine, "10 Texas Weekend Road Trips"
July 2015 -- Ten weekends remain before Labor Day signals the end of summer. Make the most of each with a tour of Texas. Fill up the car with gas and hit the road.

Conde Nast Traveler, “50 States, 50 Trips: America’s Greatest Hits”
June 27, 2015 -- Austin’s South Congress Street is the intersection of right-now trends and old-school cowboy cool—literally.

Travel and Leisure, "It's Official: Austin is America's Next Great Food Town" 
June 11, 2015 --
A renegrade wave of talented chefs with Texas-size ambitions and rock-and-roll swagger is turning Austin into the country's next next seat for great food—and, as Peter Jon Lindberg reports, barbecue is just the beginning.

Paste Magazine, "Greetings from Austin, Texas"
May 13, 2015 -- In 2015, close to 80,000 people flocked to Austin for South by Southwest, the city’s annual music and film festival. And there is no question the event permanently wins over a more than few hearts to the Texas capital each year.

Canoe & Kayak, "North America’s Best Paddling Towns"
May 11, 2015 -- Texas’s only whitewater play-park is smack downtown in San Marcos at the Rio Vista Dam, serving as a mecca for paddlers looking to hone their play- paddle skills year-round.

SouthernLiving.com, "16 Adventures in Texas' Hidden Hill Country"
Here’s our guide to off-the-beaten-path adventures found deep in the heart of Texas.

HuffingtonPost.com, "5 Spectacular April Getaways"
March 31, 2015
-- Every spring, bluebonnets run riot across the landscape of Texas Hill Country.

USAToday.com, "TripAdvisor reveals top U.S., worldwide destinations"
March 25, 2015 -- TripAdvisor honored 469 top travel destinations worldwide based on millions of reviews and opinions from travelers.

LATimes.com, "Texas Hill Country blooms in the spring"
March 08, 2015 -- Texas Hill Country is known for its giant oak trees, spring-fed creeks and scenic two-lane highways.

Associated Press (syndicated to many outlets), "New and now: NH Snodeo, spring in Texas, Grand Central"
February 23, 2015 -- Winter weather hit parts of Texas with freezing rain and sleet in late February, but travelers heading to the state this spring can look forward to festivals, flowers and more.

USAToday.com, "Hate the snow? Spring is blooming in these places"
February 12, 2015 -- Though most of the USA is blanketed by snow and temperatures remain below freezing, spring is indeed on its way.