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Travel Texas hosts and offers assistance with individual and group media site inspections. We look for commissioned journalists who have published in major magazines, travel trade publications or newspapers, or broadcast on major radio or television networks. To most effectively meet your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs, we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines.

Group and Individual Media Tours
Our group tours are composed of 6 to 10 journalists, one journalist per organization. Travel Texas arranges overall tour coordination, including ground transportation; complimentary or media rates for lodging; and group tour escorts. 

Journalists interested in individual site inspections should contact Travel Texas in writing at least two to three months prior to arrival. International journalists from countries in which the Division has contracted representation firms should contact those offices directly. Please include in your letter the purpose of your visit; your publication or broadcast affiliation, demographics, circulation, tentative/scheduled date(s) of broadcast or publication; and a letter from your travel/managing editor or publisher. Freelance journalists must submit a letter of assignment from the respective publication.

International journalists from countries in which Travel Texas does not have representation should contact our headquarters in Texas and include a letter of endorsement from the U.S. Embassy or the local Visit USA Association in their country. 

Individual journalists should also enclose copies of four recently published articles, photographs or produced tapes and a résumé that includes a list of articles or broadcasts. Please be specific with your request and include dates and cities of your arrival and departure. Once your trip is completed, please send copies of articles or broadcast tapes resulting from your visit with their advertising value equivalent for our records. We will forward a copy to those persons who assisted you and are featured in your article or broadcast.

A letter of introduction may be sent on your behalf to the appropriate Travel Texas industry representatives. In most cases, it is your responsibility to finalize arrangements with these individuals, unless otherwise arranged by Texas Tourism. If your plans change, please notify us immediately. If you require scheduling changes while in Texas, you will be expected to notify the contacts that are provided to you with your itinerary. 

Special arrangements can be made for broadcast crews. Include in the introduction letter the number of crewmembers and arrangements needed.